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International Medical Group

The International Medical Group company was founded in 1998. Our main business goals were focused on implementation of worldwide diagnostic and therapy standards into Ukrainian public health, provision with diagnostic equipment, educational programs for medical personnel. The headquarters of International Medical Group is located in Kiev. Our business expansion covers Ukraine all over. The company has strategic partners in 19 countries all over the world.

International Medical Group is comprised of the following:

  • The Project & Implementation Department, which aims to launch and develop medical and paramedical establishments “turnkey”.
  • The Sales Department is for sales of medical equipment, medicines and disposables; it is also responsible for deliveries and putting into operation of medical equipment.
  • The International Department communicates with the manufacturers of medical equipment and provides the correspondence of the equipment, consumables and technical documentation to the demands and standards of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, as well as other standardization and metrology institutions.
  • Professional skin care Department provides running of the projects related to supplies of professional skin care products for the practices of dermatologists and professional aestheticians.

International Medical Group supplies medical equipment, medicines and professional skin care products to state and private medical institutions. We take part in different type of biddings on a regular basis and possess great skills and experience of high-level negotiations and contracts making.

International projects.

Besides its main activities, carried out in the territory of Ukraine, International Medical Group has proved itself as a reliable partner, having taken part in the following international projects:

  • American-Ukrainian Medical-Diagnostic Centre creation – a joint project with WellStar Health System (USA) with the participation of the Ukrainian and US governments. The Medical-Diagnostic Centre was built in Simferopol.
  • The creation of the Training Centre in Brittany (France), on request of the manufacturer of the substances for professional skin care - Laboratories d’Armor, France.
  • “AmeriCare Ukraine: initiatives and assistance in the improvement of the system of public health in Ukraine” – a joint private-public project on reorganization of the public health system of Ukraine, with participation of state and private health experts, both from the USA and Ukraine.
  • Healthcare Education Leverage Program – a joint project together with the American corporation Professional Resources International on synchronization of educational standards for nurses and paramedics between USA and Ukraine. As a result the Nurses’ School was founded in Kiev, where the nurses of all specialties are being taught. The School holds the State license.

The International Medical Group mission is achieving the world-class standards of medical services that improve the health and well-being of individuals through arranging the top-level organizational management of hospitals and cutting-edge technologies. The vision of the company is reflected in the declaration of the Company’s founders: “If we want to reach the world’s level, we must do more, than just to be “keep up” with the latest achievements in healthcare. We must lead the way, we must improve all the time, offering innovations and technologies to our customers.”

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